Tuesday, June 5, 2007

NAME: The Boys with the Thorn in Their Sides

So why are men so vilified these days? All the subtle man phobia images and talk of mainstream media and the ever increasing phenomena of hetero women fucking one another is just some unscientific proof. Don't get us wrong lots of dudes are just plain scumbags,but lots are thoughtful sensitive people who just wanna live. Can't we live? We've seen the sticker that says "Men are the new Women" So what the FUCK does that mean? That its men's turn to get the shitty end of the stick or that women are now powerful enough to be scumbags as well. Neither one of those scenarios paints a very pretty picture for the future of men/women or sorry womyn/men relationships. So we went out and asked a few people without dicks why the world thinks guys are so shitty, then to be thorough we asked another few people with penises what they were doing to fuck up the basis of human civilization.

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Studio 77 Photography said...

Don't forget the research you did on this at Jaq's rooftop jam. There were some very interesting responses that should be divulged.