Wednesday, December 26, 2007


At NAME: we have very definite ideas about attire, fashion and style, and at times that may lock us into a bit of box that can be super hard to break , but it also provides us with a platform or foundation ,if you will, that supports us in even the shakiest of sartorial hours. One way for us to avoid the whole 'stuck in the box dilemma' is the developing or exploring of what we term Fashion Aesthetics. Simply, our fashion aesthetics are touchstones or reference points we use to help us decide. In a world with endless option and choice throwing some things out and focusing on core elements that just work out is really helpful, and plain necessary we find.

Rastafarians- So not only do theses guys' religious love of marijuana and philosophical disdain of razors, scissors and marring the corners of their heads and beards set them apart, so does their choice of wearing tidy pants paired with button down oxfords, good hats, wallabes and overall tropical island good vibes.

Western Villains+Heroes- ... Squinty eyed stares and itchy trigger fingers go really well with earth tones and dungarees . Really you'd be hard pressed to find a more utilitarian,while still stylish get up.

Black Panthers- What do you call a dark color pallet with hints of muted gray drabness, berets, sunglasses,leather and militant attitudes? ...i mean besides an example of soulfully correct dressing.

1965rockstar- The thing about these guys is that they're just rt. Rt in the middle. Between the monochromatic suits of the do-wop 50's and the over the top gaudiness of the later psychedelic era. It works because messy hair and neat dressing is both the 'what, really he's like that?' and the 'I'm gonna wear a tie and still and do it with groupies' kinda ways

Safari Gear- Well traveling light is important as is wearing clothes both as useful as they are stylish and RAD, safari gear is tops in these at times hard to pull off simultaneously categories.

Mod Accessories- So the mods totally just win for their choices of accessories, from amazing pop-art pins to the 'archetype of the good, smart shoe' the dessert boot+ its just so classic...has there been a time since say about 1964 that these two items would not have just no there hasn't is the answer.

English Country Gentlemen- When this style 1st appeared in the mid/late 19th century it was scandalous for it's lack of formality. So pretty much this was one of the 1st attempts at casual dressing...with pocket watches,tweeds and top hats...well fashion always evolves one would suppose.

JEDI(episode IV,V styles)- 'Use the force' is really more than just a famous movie tag line for us....its a life command and a philosophy we try live by on the daily, so its especially helpful when our role models for this way of life rock out karate/judo-type practice shirts, phat utility belts, clothy earth tone proto-Thundarr the Barbarian boots and orange flight suits with intricate and complex life saving light buttons and metal bits.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


So we usually just leave the personal brain rumblings off of NAME:, because honestly we feel like who really cares about any of that stuff anyway like: "Oh my cat was just SO CUTE today." or "Man, my has work been extremely satisfying lately." Sure blogs can and at times are used as a journal-entryways into the mind of the blogger but... With all that said we are feeling extremely disjointed and deceptively superficial today. Like all we need is to eat a little bit of acid, read some Freud, and Gladwell all while looking for new and perhaps inaccurate,but stimulating information on the Internet. Not sure how these feelings will play out for the rest of the day,but we really just felt like we wanted to share. Have a pleasant DAY.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

NAME: Peak Williamsburg

OK, so we know we've not mentioned the Peak Williamsburg phenomenon in a bit. Not because the phenomenon has slowed, it continues to happen at an alarming rate. Honestly just because my head has been in other places. Occasionally removing oneself from the middle of a situation can add insight and perspective to matters that would otherwise be blindingly close. Hence moving further away from Williamsburg has helped me to realize that it was not just a case of 'stoned creativity' when I decided to follow the story of the peaking of the area. The industrial ,traditionally mixed neighborhood is changing... gentrifying, hipster Mecca(ing) whatever you wish to call it. To catch everyone up to speed Peak Williamsburg is the phenomenon in which the commodity associated with the neighborhood of Williamsburg reaches it's capacity and then steadily and terminally declines similar to Hubert's Peak Oil Theory. We went out and took some pictures to put a face on the phenomenon . We started with the more obvious elements of the peaking... all the new construction, and property for sale.
The places all seem very cushy and nice from the outside at least... like little yuppie dream castles right in the heart of the 'coolest' neighborhood in Brooklyn, heck the city.
Of course the peaking of neighborhoods is not a new phenomenon. It's just I've never been this close or had such familiarity with one peaking before, watching it blow up before my eyes.
As Williamsburg grows closer to peaking, residents will change. Some will be pushed out,and others will be let in. I'm not here to make value judgments over the rights and wrongs of that,just to to document it.
So the construction will go on and most likely will change a lot of the now familiar characteristics of Williamsburg. Some of those changes will be missed, while others will be embraced...its a cycle of life thing. We just thought people should think about it. This is really the first of our delving into the phenomenon. We will be commenting on other aspects as well ,and also if you see,hear, or just plain feel evidence of the peaking,please let us know at Peak Williamsburg is going to Effect us all.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Girl Type: WOMAN

Name: Arianne
What she does: schedule and direct/produce photo shoots,photography agent
What she's into: Hosting, things being 'just so', glamour,car rides,Neil Young, a recent addiction to Morrissey( which you know we think is pretty HOT)
Where we found her: At a dance party
Does she have the radio active: Its kinda of a meltdown at times.
This one is a bit different from the rest due to the sheer intensity ...women ain't no joke. Where the rest you can kinda fuck off with or whatever, she requires yr full attention until you learn her ropes so 2speak. Tiring,yes...but ever so enthralling.

Monday, December 3, 2007

NAME: SSOL-Songs that Save Our Life

So our last post got us to thinking about songs...songs about women or relationships or situations that are so full of emotion ,be them sugary or bitter or a bit of both, songs that are definitely romantic in tone ,but have a sorta jagged male edge to them, and while listening to them may not clear up yr dilemma it sure does help maintain perspective. So we scrolled through the ipod, and thought about the songs that save our life, we came up with this list:
Neil Young-Cinnamon Girl-crazy girls rule the world, and they will forever...cause we want them to.
Oasis-Slide Away-Brutes do romantic really really well and with a lot of sunshine and crashing off too.
The Smiths- The Boy with the Thorn in his Side- Oh, who do you need to know? Only the MOZ can make plundering and murderous desire sound this innocent and wanting.
Jimi Hendrix-Castles Made of Sand- Things come, things simple..well no not really.
Neil Young-Cowgirl in the Sand- It's the woman in you that makes you want to play this game...fair enough Neil, but we're playing it too so...
Belle and Sebastian- Funny Little Frog-'I don't dare to touch your hand, I don't dare to think of you in a physical way...and i don't know how you smell' Whoa Stu if its really like that yr game is worse than ours, we really appreciate that,THANK YOU.
Beatles-Girl- the description of a hard to love hard to leave girl is best felt while taking deep breathes through yr molars.
Pavement-Gold Soundz- Fuzzy disjointed summer love...we can't tell one another everything we need secrets ...remember?
Ned's Automic Dustbin-Grey Cell Green- Well when the desire has been found...and it's insider her, its kinda of a no brainer what's gotta happen next rt?
The Smiths- I Want the One I Can't Have- yeah that's about rt, i mean if you can have them ...why would you want them?
The Smiths- I Wont Share You- Yes the Perrier has gone straight to my head.
Portishead-It Could be Sweet- when trip hop was the new hot thang, it coulda been sweet,but this song about what could be if only sure is
Morrissey-Jack the Ripper- Comparing a 19th century unidentified mass murder of prostitutes to a wishy-washy-lovey type thing. Morrissey you literate bastard.
The Ocean Blue-Just Let Me Know- so sincere, so honest, would make it so simple...never ever will this happen.
Dinosaur Jr.- No Bones- Whiny voice and insecurity armed with massive, delicious feedback...gotta go with yr strengths ,rt?
Bob Dylan-Tangled Up in Blue- I'm not there...well maybe not Bob, but you sure were there to get tangled up over this life love and cross the country to get to her somehow.
Neil Young- Like a Hurricane- I am just dreamer,but you are just a dream...I wanna love you but I'm getting blown away...never has a more accurate depiction of loving a hurricane been presented...anywhere...ever
Oasis-Live Forever- A song so romantic it transcends mere sex/love... more on the level of romanticism about life, love, dreams and the realities of life.
Dinosaur Jr. -Sludgefeast- It's funny how 10th grade sentiments play so well when yr a full grown adult, and guitars that sound like kids thrashing in the mud really only drive that home even harder.
Daft Punk-Digital Love- It really sucks when its all a dream...especially when you wake up before the good parts happen.
Neil Young- Powderfinger- 22years old and left in charge of a family in crisis with oncoming intruders and wondering what to do alongside lean every note perfect guitar
Morrissey- Why Don't You Find Out for Yourself- Well basically,once again Morrisssey makes the obvious does he do that?
Bob Dylan-Positively Fourth Street- Is it about an ex-lover? ex shitty friends? well its kinda all the same suckyness so just apply it where it fits really.
Neil Young-Cortez the Killer- A slow heavy lumbering revision of the conquest of the Aztec Empire set against the back drop of lost love and proto-grunge guitars.
Pavement- Summer Babe(winter version)
- Graduate level word associations acting like a love note through lo-fi sound and slacker distortion. Intellectual masturbation can sometimes be romantic.
The Smiths-Still Ill- Entitlement issues, coupled with anti-social tendencies, questions of the mind/body divide and a bad make out session plus one of the best riffs Johnny Marr ever came up with..and he's good at those.
Keith Sweat- Make it Last Forever- Late 80s slow jam that showed you how to really get close to that special someone at the middle school dance, and Keith's croons/whines are straight cream inducing...really though.
The Smiths- This Night has Opened My Eyes- A newborn is drowned, wrapped up in a newspaper, and then left on the door step... We used to play this song when we worked with kids at a preschool cause its melancholy and kids need to learn that sometimes you're not happy and you're not sad.
Neil Young- Everybody Knows his is Nowhere- Homesick, missing love, wondering why all the running around..hippy ass Neil from the title to the finish.
A tribe Called Quest-Sucka Nigga- A very rational explanation and defense of the dreaded N-word.

NAME: well this changes things

OK, so in our spare internet time we were image googling different things and ran across the picture for the cover of the 1969 single 'Cinnamon Girl' ,by one of our style icons Neil Young. The picture has such down home fall/winter good vibes that we are officially adding it to the canon of influences that help make up our minds when we get dressed everyday, and the song 'Cinnamon Girl' is also yr archetypal one about a really RAD girl that may be a bit bad for yr mental health... but whateves cause yr a dreamer of pictures running in the night and y'all chase the moonlight it's cool. Also please ...fucking please do some homework on Neil Young...he is most amazing.