Wednesday, December 12, 2007

NAME: Peak Williamsburg

OK, so we know we've not mentioned the Peak Williamsburg phenomenon in a bit. Not because the phenomenon has slowed, it continues to happen at an alarming rate. Honestly just because my head has been in other places. Occasionally removing oneself from the middle of a situation can add insight and perspective to matters that would otherwise be blindingly close. Hence moving further away from Williamsburg has helped me to realize that it was not just a case of 'stoned creativity' when I decided to follow the story of the peaking of the area. The industrial ,traditionally mixed neighborhood is changing... gentrifying, hipster Mecca(ing) whatever you wish to call it. To catch everyone up to speed Peak Williamsburg is the phenomenon in which the commodity associated with the neighborhood of Williamsburg reaches it's capacity and then steadily and terminally declines similar to Hubert's Peak Oil Theory. We went out and took some pictures to put a face on the phenomenon . We started with the more obvious elements of the peaking... all the new construction, and property for sale.
The places all seem very cushy and nice from the outside at least... like little yuppie dream castles right in the heart of the 'coolest' neighborhood in Brooklyn, heck the city.
Of course the peaking of neighborhoods is not a new phenomenon. It's just I've never been this close or had such familiarity with one peaking before, watching it blow up before my eyes.
As Williamsburg grows closer to peaking, residents will change. Some will be pushed out,and others will be let in. I'm not here to make value judgments over the rights and wrongs of that,just to to document it.
So the construction will go on and most likely will change a lot of the now familiar characteristics of Williamsburg. Some of those changes will be missed, while others will be embraced...its a cycle of life thing. We just thought people should think about it. This is really the first of our delving into the phenomenon. We will be commenting on other aspects as well ,and also if you see,hear, or just plain feel evidence of the peaking,please let us know at Peak Williamsburg is going to Effect us all.

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