Tuesday, March 25, 2008

NAME: Brothers in Wallabes


Yeah so we know really random, but as our NAME : banner does read 'and stuff', and these are the kind of random thoughts that we have at times. What do Ghostface and Wes Anderson have in common? Well, besides both having large and avid cult followings, making some of the most esoteric and loved art of recent times, having mad + obvious love for 70's pop culture, for Ghost it's the soul music, for Wes it's the films of the time. As the title of the post make have tipped you off they are both Clark's Wallabee enthusiasts.

So as fellow enthusiasts of the smartest ,best shoe EVER MADE in this universe, and this being a great excuse to post pictures of the two and the shoe... that's exactly what we're doing.
Also hopefully this post will help advance the notion that these two should collaborate in some form or fashion, perhaps Wes could be a guest on a Ghostface track, about shopping for the rt pair of Wallabees or maybe Ghostface could cameo in an Anderson film in a scene about the sartorial eloquence of the Wallabee. Either way the two would not only advance their own musical and/or cinematic visions, repertoire, etc., but would be able to advance the cause for the Wallabee, and really who better than the two Wally Champs for that great and noble responsibility?

Monday, March 17, 2008

NAME: Guest of a Guest

Its not like we can just pay our bills with our good looks and charm, so now we're offering our unique perspective of the world to the blog
Basically a mish-mash of news and views(Manhattan styles). Most of the other folks at gofag come from environs other than BK and wanted to add a bit of the PLANET of BROOKLYN's flava if you will to their already savory pie. Check it out,mos def gets our seal of approval. Every Monday nite the crew has a party uptown, like way uptown in the 50's near the park... I know hopstop it

Sunday, March 16, 2008

NAME: Spring Things part I

In a matter of days spring will be upon us,and as such it will be time to trade in the parkas and long john under ware for lighter,brighter shirts, jackets and flourishes. That being the case, and since at NAME: we love lists we put together this Spring Things list. Its not a buyers guide more just evidence of where our heads and hearts are at as we hit the vernal equinox.
COLOR- but not gaudy, splashes of bright for no reason, subtle, effective hints.
Does the trick every time, as in belts and pants,color straight up from the bottom.

-spring time is the rt time for these type of things. There's just something about the new life and fresh starts all round that make you wanna wear flowers and or feathers. Accessories like beads and scarves do a really good approximation of flowers and feathers with their eternal hippie tinge ,but keep it uncostumey.

Lightspeed Champion
with his folk troubadour stance and the best version of the Brain Jones haircut any black man has ever had ever Dev Hynes makes lush sweet music about listening to CRUNK, envying the life of camels, and the existential questions of the value of it all.

Key tracks: Stay the Fuck Away From Me- big, honest, self loathing fuck off to a 'stupid bitch'
and Gypsy-
Fleetwood Mac cover as equally, electrically liquid as the original.