Tuesday, March 25, 2008

NAME: Brothers in Wallabes


Yeah so we know really random, but as our NAME : banner does read 'and stuff', and these are the kind of random thoughts that we have at times. What do Ghostface and Wes Anderson have in common? Well, besides both having large and avid cult followings, making some of the most esoteric and loved art of recent times, having mad + obvious love for 70's pop culture, for Ghost it's the soul music, for Wes it's the films of the time. As the title of the post make have tipped you off they are both Clark's Wallabee enthusiasts.

So as fellow enthusiasts of the smartest ,best shoe EVER MADE in this universe, and this being a great excuse to post pictures of the two and the shoe... that's exactly what we're doing.
Also hopefully this post will help advance the notion that these two should collaborate in some form or fashion, perhaps Wes could be a guest on a Ghostface track, about shopping for the rt pair of Wallabees or maybe Ghostface could cameo in an Anderson film in a scene about the sartorial eloquence of the Wallabee. Either way the two would not only advance their own musical and/or cinematic visions, repertoire, etc., but would be able to advance the cause for the Wallabee, and really who better than the two Wally Champs for that great and noble responsibility?


Drew said...

"the branches of the weed be the veins", Wes needs to direct a Ghostface vid, 4 reels.

porter said...

You can never go wrong with such a classic. But do love when you pair them with your pick socks.