Wednesday, December 26, 2007


At NAME: we have very definite ideas about attire, fashion and style, and at times that may lock us into a bit of box that can be super hard to break , but it also provides us with a platform or foundation ,if you will, that supports us in even the shakiest of sartorial hours. One way for us to avoid the whole 'stuck in the box dilemma' is the developing or exploring of what we term Fashion Aesthetics. Simply, our fashion aesthetics are touchstones or reference points we use to help us decide. In a world with endless option and choice throwing some things out and focusing on core elements that just work out is really helpful, and plain necessary we find.

Rastafarians- So not only do theses guys' religious love of marijuana and philosophical disdain of razors, scissors and marring the corners of their heads and beards set them apart, so does their choice of wearing tidy pants paired with button down oxfords, good hats, wallabes and overall tropical island good vibes.

Western Villains+Heroes- ... Squinty eyed stares and itchy trigger fingers go really well with earth tones and dungarees . Really you'd be hard pressed to find a more utilitarian,while still stylish get up.

Black Panthers- What do you call a dark color pallet with hints of muted gray drabness, berets, sunglasses,leather and militant attitudes? ...i mean besides an example of soulfully correct dressing.

1965rockstar- The thing about these guys is that they're just rt. Rt in the middle. Between the monochromatic suits of the do-wop 50's and the over the top gaudiness of the later psychedelic era. It works because messy hair and neat dressing is both the 'what, really he's like that?' and the 'I'm gonna wear a tie and still and do it with groupies' kinda ways

Safari Gear- Well traveling light is important as is wearing clothes both as useful as they are stylish and RAD, safari gear is tops in these at times hard to pull off simultaneously categories.

Mod Accessories- So the mods totally just win for their choices of accessories, from amazing pop-art pins to the 'archetype of the good, smart shoe' the dessert boot+ its just so classic...has there been a time since say about 1964 that these two items would not have just no there hasn't is the answer.

English Country Gentlemen- When this style 1st appeared in the mid/late 19th century it was scandalous for it's lack of formality. So pretty much this was one of the 1st attempts at casual dressing...with pocket watches,tweeds and top hats...well fashion always evolves one would suppose.

JEDI(episode IV,V styles)- 'Use the force' is really more than just a famous movie tag line for us....its a life command and a philosophy we try live by on the daily, so its especially helpful when our role models for this way of life rock out karate/judo-type practice shirts, phat utility belts, clothy earth tone proto-Thundarr the Barbarian boots and orange flight suits with intricate and complex life saving light buttons and metal bits.


JEN ONE said...

very nice mike! we've had these conversations many o' time. also, that flic of luke looks very familiar...thanks j.o.b.

jtruthc said...

I see it all except the English country gentlemen. I don't know shit for style MM, but these dudes just seem too overdressed and tight assed for my tastes. (I prefer the Rastafari style, although w/o the tight pants.)

Drew said...

jtruthc I don't think you can have Rastafari style without the "tidy" fit, and Mike you're a colourful Muther. I really dig this piece. It puts forth your fashion aesthetic, which is really a great combo, in a entertaining and highly agreeable way.