Thursday, January 3, 2008


So what does one call almost do-wop rhythm and phrasing coupled with guitar feedback wall of sound distortion styles, lazy in the mix vocals full of elemental sentiments, dark love fantasies and a fondness for acid? And how can one not even truly realize the greatness of this combination for almost 12,15 yrs? Well the answer to the first question is you call it the Jesus and Mary Chain. With hair deliberately in their face insolence and pale, bored coolness these guys made leather beach ware, a fetish for the Ronettes , Phil Spector,the Beach Boys, acid, and ridiculously distorted guitar tangents all seem like where one needed to be when they first appeared in 1984. The reason they come to mind is because we kinda only now just discovered how really "WOW" they are. Yeah I know a little late on the uptake and all, but better late than never rt.

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