Monday, January 14, 2008


So plaid is really really popular rt now. Not exactly earth shakingly breaking news, just saying we've not seen as much symmetric pattern and color on men's shirts since the apex of the early 90s grunge years. Though this time it seems to be more about the plaid as opposed to flannel. There is a difference.

We're all for it really. It's not like we're the Sartorialist or anything,but in the everyday man's closet of gray/navy/black conservatism where the color spectrum is more a theoretical concept than it is a functional repository of possible options, plaid gives men the 'OK' to peacock it out a little bit, which is good, cause really why should the fairer sex have all the color fun? And since plaid or tartan has been around since the the time of the Iron Age from the Northern route of the Silk Road in Western China to the isles of Wales and Scotland it's kinda universal . It only makes sense that plaid never ever really goes away and at times, like rt now, spikes and explodes in popularity. This current plaid spike we like to attribute to the ever more abundant 'fond 1990s look back' that has also made colors more neon and prints more graphic(y) lately too. Plus it all works out well for the urban mountain man/farmer sophisticate looks that always do the fall/winter months so proudly.

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Drew said...

I can hear the your voice refining in this post, nice. Did you have to use the worst shot you got of me, jeez?