Monday, December 3, 2007

NAME: SSOL-Songs that Save Our Life

So our last post got us to thinking about songs...songs about women or relationships or situations that are so full of emotion ,be them sugary or bitter or a bit of both, songs that are definitely romantic in tone ,but have a sorta jagged male edge to them, and while listening to them may not clear up yr dilemma it sure does help maintain perspective. So we scrolled through the ipod, and thought about the songs that save our life, we came up with this list:
Neil Young-Cinnamon Girl-crazy girls rule the world, and they will forever...cause we want them to.
Oasis-Slide Away-Brutes do romantic really really well and with a lot of sunshine and crashing off too.
The Smiths- The Boy with the Thorn in his Side- Oh, who do you need to know? Only the MOZ can make plundering and murderous desire sound this innocent and wanting.
Jimi Hendrix-Castles Made of Sand- Things come, things simple..well no not really.
Neil Young-Cowgirl in the Sand- It's the woman in you that makes you want to play this game...fair enough Neil, but we're playing it too so...
Belle and Sebastian- Funny Little Frog-'I don't dare to touch your hand, I don't dare to think of you in a physical way...and i don't know how you smell' Whoa Stu if its really like that yr game is worse than ours, we really appreciate that,THANK YOU.
Beatles-Girl- the description of a hard to love hard to leave girl is best felt while taking deep breathes through yr molars.
Pavement-Gold Soundz- Fuzzy disjointed summer love...we can't tell one another everything we need secrets ...remember?
Ned's Automic Dustbin-Grey Cell Green- Well when the desire has been found...and it's insider her, its kinda of a no brainer what's gotta happen next rt?
The Smiths- I Want the One I Can't Have- yeah that's about rt, i mean if you can have them ...why would you want them?
The Smiths- I Wont Share You- Yes the Perrier has gone straight to my head.
Portishead-It Could be Sweet- when trip hop was the new hot thang, it coulda been sweet,but this song about what could be if only sure is
Morrissey-Jack the Ripper- Comparing a 19th century unidentified mass murder of prostitutes to a wishy-washy-lovey type thing. Morrissey you literate bastard.
The Ocean Blue-Just Let Me Know- so sincere, so honest, would make it so simple...never ever will this happen.
Dinosaur Jr.- No Bones- Whiny voice and insecurity armed with massive, delicious feedback...gotta go with yr strengths ,rt?
Bob Dylan-Tangled Up in Blue- I'm not there...well maybe not Bob, but you sure were there to get tangled up over this life love and cross the country to get to her somehow.
Neil Young- Like a Hurricane- I am just dreamer,but you are just a dream...I wanna love you but I'm getting blown away...never has a more accurate depiction of loving a hurricane been presented...anywhere...ever
Oasis-Live Forever- A song so romantic it transcends mere sex/love... more on the level of romanticism about life, love, dreams and the realities of life.
Dinosaur Jr. -Sludgefeast- It's funny how 10th grade sentiments play so well when yr a full grown adult, and guitars that sound like kids thrashing in the mud really only drive that home even harder.
Daft Punk-Digital Love- It really sucks when its all a dream...especially when you wake up before the good parts happen.
Neil Young- Powderfinger- 22years old and left in charge of a family in crisis with oncoming intruders and wondering what to do alongside lean every note perfect guitar
Morrissey- Why Don't You Find Out for Yourself- Well basically,once again Morrisssey makes the obvious does he do that?
Bob Dylan-Positively Fourth Street- Is it about an ex-lover? ex shitty friends? well its kinda all the same suckyness so just apply it where it fits really.
Neil Young-Cortez the Killer- A slow heavy lumbering revision of the conquest of the Aztec Empire set against the back drop of lost love and proto-grunge guitars.
Pavement- Summer Babe(winter version)
- Graduate level word associations acting like a love note through lo-fi sound and slacker distortion. Intellectual masturbation can sometimes be romantic.
The Smiths-Still Ill- Entitlement issues, coupled with anti-social tendencies, questions of the mind/body divide and a bad make out session plus one of the best riffs Johnny Marr ever came up with..and he's good at those.
Keith Sweat- Make it Last Forever- Late 80s slow jam that showed you how to really get close to that special someone at the middle school dance, and Keith's croons/whines are straight cream inducing...really though.
The Smiths- This Night has Opened My Eyes- A newborn is drowned, wrapped up in a newspaper, and then left on the door step... We used to play this song when we worked with kids at a preschool cause its melancholy and kids need to learn that sometimes you're not happy and you're not sad.
Neil Young- Everybody Knows his is Nowhere- Homesick, missing love, wondering why all the running around..hippy ass Neil from the title to the finish.
A tribe Called Quest-Sucka Nigga- A very rational explanation and defense of the dreaded N-word.

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