Tuesday, June 26, 2007

NAME: opps, Jeff

As we're just starting up at NAME: mistakes are part of the whole process,but really there is no excuse for the glaring omission of our good friend, Jeff Majer's, role in the Trouble on the Playground video. Jeff not only played the dastardly binocular wielding, basketball throwing villain he rang us up the other day to remind us that while Andrew and we couldn't remember whose concept the video was he sure could. Jeffery's. That's right,yo. Fair enough, makes sense. Jeff's always been the type to not let boredom win over silliness, and Andrew didn't put up much of a fight to deny J.M.'s claim. No harm,no we got it straight. Painter, southerner, good dude and very near future hubby. Jeff's getting married next month in VA, and we're going and doing double duty. be witness to our friend's eternal love commitment ceremony and 2.capture the action of said ceremony from the perspective of single dudes ,who have no prospect of marriage anytime soon...that 2nd one is really is not as pathetic as it sounds, anyway until then peep some recent work of one of the best painters we know right above and hit up the website.

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