Sunday, August 19, 2007

Girl Type:Fly Bartenter Type

Name: ????(thats kinda the point here though)
What she does: Well she bar tends at the very least.
Where we found her: In Fort Greene blowing up the spot (we mean that in a good way).
What she's into: Service with the cuteness, making everyone feel at home,other house specials.
Does she have the radio active? Well pretty much. Did you see her tip cup 4reals?
This girl type is always one of the nicer things about going out. You see her and she's nice ,cute and friendly. She also gets paid to to be like that, in fact the nicer,cuter and friendlier she is the more she gets paid.
So that makes it tricky- "Hey is the cute bartender being so awesome to us cause she likes our lame jokes or does she really need to make rent this week?" We tend to go with the latter plus how many times have you really picked up the fly bartender? She's seen it all... she has to... it's her JOB.

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