Thursday, August 9, 2007

Girl Type: Jersey Girl

Well we finally got back to our Summer Girl Type guide and decided since summer is so fleeting, no mater the time of year girls are always around and honestly we're pretty slow we're just gonna do an All Season Girl Type guide. Here we have an example of the Jersey Girl Type. Not the J.Lo one, or the gum chewing, tacky, mallrat, but no less Jersey.

Name: Rosemary
What She Does: artist, and other stuff we're sure.
Where we Found Her: On a Rooftop in BK.
What She's into: art, skateboarding, break yr heart clothes, wifey material hair.
Does she have the radioactive:YES
Don't let these girls' look fool you, sure they're super neat and stylish, but they're still down to kick it in the sun, skateboard, run around the city styles, and she probably won't be too upset if it's PBRs and bikes as opposed last night's party and limos, but really she'll make either workout just fine.


Anonymous said...

:squint: hahha I look silly in that photo! -rosie

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Rosemary to me. She is from Jersey.