Friday, September 7, 2007

NAME: At the Show

It's Fashion week in New York rt now so we finally got our chance to catch the glamour and mayhem that are the tents in Bryant Square Park and see a runway show.
Our friend Erica was happy to oblige with a +1 invitation to the Miss Sixty affair.
everybody was there,Maggie,Hilliary,Demi, and even Marvin Scott and Perry,but we spaced on the pic.
The actual clothes were very young:lots of graphic and allover prints on tights and dresses with a very definite American Apparel influence a la all the lame that shimmied so gracefully/hot on fire down the catwalk. Runway shows don't last all that long so it over in about 10,12 minutes. Then the most profound thing happened. As we were air kissing our goodbyes there was the Sartorialist doing his thing outside in the midst of the ultra stylish. If you're not familiar the Sartorialist look at his blog at
Scott Schuman was an amateur photographer who used to work in the fashion industry as a buyer and now acts as the thoughtful man's Do's and Don'ts only he just shows the Do's and why they're Do's, and adds his bits of commentary and thoughts on dressing ,styles and trends. His blog is super good first thing in the morning... guaranteed.

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