Monday, October 8, 2007

A Real American hero: Blackwater?

Part of our mission at NAME: is to comment on contemporary culture,its in our tag line. So we had to add our two cents about how the war in Iraq is turning more into of a G.I.Joe cartoon/Chuck Norris movie on a daily basis. The independent military contractors(read mercenaries) Blackwater is causing a stir in the media allegedly killing Iraqi civilians in the name of the U.S., and its swooping Eagle of Liberty/mission of protecting diplomats. Seemingly being in a no man's land legally speaking where neither US or Iraqi law can moderate any of Blackwaters' actions. Can you say "Yo JOE"?Even our competent commander and chief does not seem to have an answer for this dilemma,or more accurately his answer is "Help."

It makes all the capitalist sense in the world;privatize the army. The men and women of Blackwater can earn up to $400-$600 a day or $144,000 to $216,000 a year tax free. Just as reference compare that to the salary of US military in combat zones(imminent danger pay) at $225.00 per month. But to be fair the president and or congress may designate these areas tax-exempt meaning that those $225.00 may be exempt from federal taxes. Well if Blackwater is doing such a bang up job,what's the problem? Well the fact that Blackwater plays into the fantasy of a 12yr old's army game, added to the fact that these patriotic men and women have NO OVERSIGHT, and Blackwater conceivably being used at home in U.S. emergencies may just be's not like we're experts over here,just thinking.


Arianne said...

I might feel more comfortable ignoring the war crimes if they all had cool character outfits and code names.

Drew said...

I feel that last comment, no doubt that's arianne a badass. Though I have a hard time believing that flint or mainframe would look to kindly upon shooting up cars that have not provoked an attack or whatever the fuck those asshole do.

camilyn said...


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