Tuesday, October 16, 2007

NAME: Our Style Icons

At NAME we understand that we do not live in a vacuum. The World has it's influence on us and we in turn try to at least interact if not necessarily influence the world. That being said after we saw the GQ list of the Fifty Most Stylish Men of the Last Fifty Years it got us to thinking how we wanted to share our style icons so here is a partial list.

Vintage Dad(this is our ground zero, when we think of stylish men...we always start here)

Malcolm X( Clean, dignified, a man)

Bob Dylan( Hipster archetype)

Neil Young( The only hippie punks ever liked)

G.I. JOE(uniforms are tricky, on one hand they can be boring,but the JOE team always rocked the best color combos and they were fighting terrorists)

Han Solo(not as new age jedi as say Luke, more space cowboy from a long time ago and a galaxy far far away.)

Ralph Lauren( so this guy pretty much invented the concept of lifestyle dressing, and he looked good doing it too.)

Bob Marley( spiritual man, community man, rastaman, stylish man)

Steve McQueen(when tough guys and action heroes were also really smart about their sartorial choices)

James Bond 007 ( I mean really though...debonair, smart, and as at home in the seat of a spy class Aston Martin, a Monte Carlo poker table, thwarting a megalomaniac's plans for world domination or straight kickin it to the most enticing women on earth.)
Morrissey(If you know us then you know why the MOZ gets 2pictures, if you don't... well check the man's style and sound for the past 25years.)

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Drew said...

Well said. A great amalgamation of stylish men.