Monday, November 5, 2007

NAME: interview Au Revoir Simone

Sometimes we're just at the right place at the right time. Add a little bit of the old in yr face action the media was once known for and you can cobble together a pretty nice thing. That was the case when we went to See Au Revoir Simone play a show a few weeks back. As we stood there kinda mesmerized by the sounds they were making we thought we really need to get these ladies to submit to a NAME: interview, so we pretty much bum rushed them before they got back on stage for their encore and asked really politely aka begged them to talk to us for a bit. Ever the nice ladies they referred us to the their manger and we decided since they are so busy( they're on tour with AIR rt now) we could do an interview email styles and that's just what we did. Au Revoir Simone is a band from Brooklyn that plays keyboard driven melodic music. If you don't know them you should especially if you're into Sunday mornings, harmonies, and mad scientist antics. So we asked the questions and Erika and Heather answered.
1.How long has yr tour been and how's it

Erika: We have been touring a lot since last almost a year! It has been amazing. Its funny that in a year we have made a transition from living in NY to feeling at home travelling in a van through cities all over the world.

Heather: its been such a once in a lifetime kind of
opportunity...i cant even believe how lucky we are. i just try to stay grateful everyday, even when I'm tired and cranky from not sleeping and overworking.

2. Are y'all partying like rockstars or is a bit more

E: well, it depends on the night i suppose. We like to have fun but we also care a lot about health and nutrition.
H: we all really love to dance

3. How'd y'all get hooked up with Air?

E: They like our music and asked us to tour with them.

4. What influences yr sound?

E: Everything from the sounds of our instruments, our
friends, eachother, nature...

5. You all seem to have a bit of a literary vibe, What
do you read? What was the last good book you've read?

E: Joan Didion, The White Album
H: I tend to read a lot of non-fiction, but the last amazing fiction novel that i read was Murakami's 'The Wind Up Bird Chronicle'

6. How do you manage to ride the line between mad
scientist keyboard driven group and adorable girl

E: Don't really think about it.

H: wow, mad scientist keyboard group? i like that. I'd like to lean more towards that than adorable.
7. How'd the concept of fishing for yr keyboards come
up for the "Fallen Snow" video?

E: Actually the video directors came up with it. we
had planned to build a treehouse but there was too much involved in that.

8. Y'all are relatively new, how are things
like myspace, file sharing and
fans legally downloading yr output affecting what you
do or how you present it?

E: Myspace has been great. i really like feeling so
connected to
people around the world.

9. Did you grow up thinking yeah we wanna be rockstars?

E: No, I wanted to be a movie actress or a journalist.

H: No, I wanted to be an astronaut! I did want to do something with stars, rockstars however, are almost close but not quite.

10. So you're big fans of Pee Wee Herman, right?

H: truly.

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Drew said...

Good Mad Scientist reference. Here's the URL of my foto of these hot 'Mad Scientists' at work.